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We have partnered with a new century-old tannery in Italy, that provides one of the best high-grade full grain Box calf leathers we have encountered so far. Their main source is a specific and distinguished calf breed, which has gained in popularity with top luxury brands over the last 20 years.

Our New Partner

The search for superior leathers, higher graded, and with better ‘clean break’ is our particular never-ending story. It has always been at the very heart of our core values as a luxury footwear company, to always look for the best materials. Lots of people are involved in the sourcing and testing processes, as new materials are sampled every year.

All testing and sampling of Box calf leathers that were conducted during the last few months lead us to this moment. We are excited to have found a new European, century old tannery that will provide us with one of the best box calf leathers we have seen so far.

A Tannery with a Century-old History

I am asked not to name names, but this tannery name should sound familiar if you have ever visited the factories of brands such as Gaziano & Girling, Crockett & Jones or Gucci, to name a few. The tannery dates back more than 100 years ago. It was founded in 1865, and has been dedicated – exclusively – to the tanning of superior quality leather for international top brands.

They have specialized in calfskin tanning with chrome salts, a technique they have mastered over the years. Heritage traditions are merged with the latest Italian techniques and innovations, which have been adopted by the tannery owners, always driven by an everlasting itch for perfection.

At the tannery, they thoroughly trace and control every production step, starting from the earliest calf selection process at the slaughterhouse to the color dyeing process and finishing. Their production volume is admittedly low, which makes their product more valuable and in great demand at this moment.


Meet the New Box Calf

They have specialized in the production of high grade box calf leather. The quality of their finished product starts on the fields, by sourcing only a specific and distinguished calf breed which has gained in popularity with top luxury brands over the last 20 years.

The most characteristic property of their exceptional Box Calf lies on their calves small size (younger) and thicker skin, which accounts for the uniqueness and quality of the final product.

The number of hair pores in a calfskin remains the same throughout their life, which is why baby calf skins have the softest and finest pore coefficient.


What is ‘Box Calf’?

For the curious out there, Box calf is a term that describes premium calfskin (or fine black calf) these days. However, the term comes from Joseph Box, who was a leather shoe craftsman in 1890. In another description, it means that the calfskin is tanned with chrome salts.

Calfskin is the most common material used to make high quality men’s shoes, and has the oldest tradition. As its name implies, it comes from the skin of young calves which are usually older than 3 months (and usually between 6-12).

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